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There are different types of Cool BJJ Gi kimonos that you can find on the market these days. People nowadays enjoy having maximum options to choose from and the various brands deliver in that regard. From fabric options to textures, materials, size, and types – there are various BJJ Gi kimono options that are available for the buyer to choose. But if you are looking for a cool BJJ Gi kimono; you need to be aware of what is a cool design and what you should expect from the apparel?

What does a cool BJJ GI kimono look like?

There are many things that you can expect from a cool kimono. There is always the chance to place customized orders for the kimono as per the design and style that you are looking. There are two types of BJJ Gi kimonos; the standard and the different. The standard is the coat and trouser with standard measurements and same colors. The different kimonos are the cool ones that give great versatile options for clothing.

  • Colors

The color options are immense. You can wear bright colors like red, green, yellow and orange. The standard colors are black, blue and white but you can surely deviate from the ordinary to have a little fun!

  • Textures and fabrics

The textures are amazing for the cool kimonos. From kneaded to threaded and roped – various kimono texture options are available for the buyers.

  • Motives and Anime

The trend of having realistic anime and motives sewn over the kimono or embroidered over the kimono is one way that adds great fun to the kimono too. The motives can be according to a theme or style.

  • Colorful Prints

The printed BJJ are the coolest ones that you can find on the market yet. They are colorful, bright and printed to add great depth to your kimono altogether. It surely doesn’t get cooler than this!

Weight 1.5000 kg

A0, A1, A1L, A2, A2L, A3, A3L, A4, A4L, CUSTOM, M0, M00, M000, M1, M2, M3, M4


Black, Blue, Green, Navy Blue, White


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