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The Jiu Jitsu Gi is best known for being exceptionally high quality and durable in its quality. Made of a wonderfully balanced combination of weaves and textures, the Jiu Jitsu gi brings amazing strength and durability to the kimono in totality.

Airy and lightweight fabric kimono

The most commonly used fabric for the creation of the amazing Jiu Jitsu Gi is 100% pure cotton with no additives. It is important to remember that this fabric is used for a very important reason and that is flexibility. Jiu Jitsu is a kimono that is worn when playing a physically exhausting and tiring game. The players need flexibility and easy stretching fabric for this purpose that brings ease of movement and training.

Designs for attractive apparel

Several designs are available for the kimonos these days. The entire purpose is to make sure that the kimono is appealing and attractive in its looks. Several design options are available these days for the players to choose from. Patterned kimonos, textured with in-depth cutouts, embroidered hemming and necklines, and motives over shoulders and backs are some common designs that are preferred for these kimonos. There is a wide range of playful color options including green, blue, white, black, red, orange, grey, pink, purple and yellow that, these Jitsu Gis are made in these days.

Two-part dress

The kimono comprises of two parts. The first part is the front open knee-length jacket and the second is the well-fitted trouser pants. The V-lined knee-length jacket is front open and is adjustable in size. It is fastened in place with a belt that comes with the kimono in most cases. The trouser resembles a pant and fits well from waist to ankles. Along with fitting, the fabric that is used for the pants is very stretchable and airy that allows the flow of air easily through the porous fabric.

Weight 1.5000 kg


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